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Performance yacht painting. Performance yacht painting monaco

Perfect results require optimal conditions.
On the strength of its experience, PYP is committed to advising or assisting its customers in their decisions, so as to guarantee them the choice of paint best suited to their needs.

We have developed “best practices” to maintain exceptional cleanliness of the atmosphere and reduce the risk of dust contamination (strictly regulated access under confinement during the painting stages).

PYP works in cooperation with logistics companies (scaffolding, containment, removal of fittings, etc.) in order to optimize the conditions of intervention throughout the painting project.

PYP installs secondary containments, before each paint application, which optimizes the application conditions (extremely low dust level, perfect control of the atmosphere, etc.).

In addition, the positioning of ventilation and extraction systems, regular cleaning of filters, cleaning and permanent maintenance of application equipment, use of employee protective equipment - PPE - (clothing, masks, etc ...) are the subject of special attention.



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Sanding: essential step before each application of products (plaster, undercoat, paint), sanding must be carried out with the greatest attention because it is on this that the durability and grip of the product to be applied will depend. then.

Coating and shaping:A profession in itself! PYP has a team dedicated specifically to this task and can also collaborate with external specialists depending on the complexity and importance of the work.

Cleaning: crucial step before the application of undercoats and finishes. Here again, the quality of the cleaning not only depends on the hold and grip of the product to be applied, but this also makes it possible to limit the amount of dust in the finishing lacquer.

Undercoat and Primer Applications: Underlay and primer applications are performed by personnel specially trained for this delicate task. Before each application, the condition of the substrate is checked to ensure that it is free from any contamination, traces of grease, lack of sanding, etc. etc. The mixtures of the products are made with great care (respect of the proportions, of the induction time). During applications, the quantities applied are calculated in relation to the thicknesses recommended by the manufacturer.


Guarantees and follow-up

PYP monaco, pyp, yacht refit, repair yacht, refit & repair, Chantier naval, yachts painting companies, rina, ship repair

  • With teams present over a large part of the Mediterranean, PYP ensures the follow-up and guarantees of the painting work that it delivers.

    PYP undertakes to intervene within a period of less than 48 hours.